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Project Support

Documentation / Self-Help:
Official UnrealIRCd documentation - The latest version of the documentation
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - This answers 90% of the questions we get

Reporting Bugs:
Please report bugs to the bug tracker at
Coders are notified automatically whenever a new bugreport is created.
PLEASE use the bugtracker and do not post bugs somewhere else... coders will either never hear about them or will simply forget about them if they are not in the bugtracker.

Feature Requests/Suggestions:
If you got a suggestion or feature request, you can post them at
The bugtracker is for both feature requests and bugs, so it's the right place.

Receiving Support:
Before trying to get support from other users, be sure to have read the resources (mentioned above).
Most users will not appreciate it if you didn't even bother to read the documentation and the FAQ.

If you still didn't find what you need, you have two options of getting support:
IRC: Visit
Forum: Before posting your question, we also suggest you to do a quick search on the forum at a few words related to your question, chances are high it has already been brought up!

Other Resources:
Unreal-Notify Mailing List
All new releases of UnrealIRCd are announced on this list. [RECOMMENDED!]

Unreal-Users Mailing List
Discuss UnrealIRCd features as well as get help from other users.

Contact the current project leader (Syzop)
Do NOT contact Syzop for:
• Support (see 'Receiving Support:' above)
• Bugs or feature suggestions (use
But DO contact Syzop for:
• UnrealIRCd related coding
• Infrastructure problems (eg: website issue)
• Anything else you find important enough to disturb him with.